Psychoanalysis and Therapy

If you are considering therapy, you might be struggling with feelings of sadness, lack of control, a general feeling that things are just not right. Perhaps you are angry or anxious all of the time? Saying to yourself, “why do I keep doing this?” Maybe your go-to coping mechanism are no longer cutting it? I practice psychoanalytic psychotherapy, which is a broad orientation to therapeutic treatment that supports you in understanding your own thinking patterns and through that understanding, allows you greater freedom in how you experience the world. My goal as a therapist is the creation of a unique relationship between two people—you and me—that helps you to understand yourself.
Depression, and other issues you may be experiencing, arise from both internal and external conflicts. In the context of therapy, we work to understand your internal conditions without being oblivious to issues of race, sexuality, immigration, etc. What focusing on your internal conditions means is simply that you remain the center of the conversation.
Together we would work to understand how certain thinking patterns came about, and how it became and stays ingrained in you. Much of this kind of thought process is initially unconscious and hard to discover or change without a therapeutic relationship. If any of this resonates with you, we can schedule a consultation to see if we are a good fit. You may call me at (917) 720-2182‬ or use the contact form.
I have particular experience and interest in working with queer/ questioning/ LGBT people, people of color, and people who have family members with addiction issues.
My office is located at 26 Court Street, Suite 1412, Brooklyn, New York 11242, right by the 2, 3, 4, 5, & R trains at Borough Hall, and a short walk to the Jay Street/Metro-Tech Station where you can find the A, C, and F trains.