You Might Be Going Through...

You are going through a lot right now.

But somehow not much is happening at the same time. Do you really need therapy? Do you deserve it? You’re not sure you’re entitled to feel better. Maybe this is the best it is going to be and you should just deal?

You actually are doing pretty well in your career.

But you feel only temporary relief when you succeed, never a sense of achievement or pride. You worry you are pulling one over on people, that you could have done better—it wasn’t a real success. You feel like anything good you have was obtained by tricking someone into it.

You know how to keenly critique capitalism and spot hypocritical and racist policy initiatives; your insights are razor sharp when it comes to politics.

But when it comes to thinking about your family all you can really say is your parents did their best before you totally shut down with guilt for not feeling more grateful.

Maybe you know you have an extensive trauma history, or maybe you just want to understand yourself more deeply.

But you feel stuck and are tired of reading the books, meditating, doing all the things, and not really feeling that different. It’s not that these things don’t work, but you can’t quite figure out how to make use of them.

We can work on this together. These are the things psychoanalysis helps with.

I work with all kinds of people with all kinds of lives and histories. Often some of the above complications come up in my work with people. If any of this resonates with you, get in touch.


NYC. All sessions are currently remote.